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As inevitable global warming causes more frequent heatwaves and extreme hot weather, the final resort to maintain one's health and achieve personal goals is through water and hydration. However, this is a delicate matter. Proper hydration varies in accordance with dehydration amount, and excessive intake of either pure water or sports drinks, as well as insufficient hydration, can be dangerous.
On the other hand, securing water is getting more and more difficult. More frequent droughts make it difficult to obtain safe and hygienic water, while the increase in heavy rainfall may also disrupt water supply infrastructure. In many developing countries, there is a prevailing problem that women are forced to do heavy labor of fetching and carrying water, which deprives them of educational opportunities. Additionally, in some developing countries, women may have to excessively limit their water intake due to the lack of toilets.
First and foremost, it is necessary to grasp the amount of dehydration that varies depending on weather, activity, and environment. This corresponds to the required amount of hydration, which can accordingly determine the appropriate replenishment plan. On this website, I have created predictive simulations with reference to various papers. This is based on my own physical activity and weight changes before and after exercise, as well as WBGT records.
I believe that this can serve as a fundamental tool for "adaptive measures" to the climate crisis.

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